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"Inject your personality into your blog"

There is no-one like you anywhere in the world..

You are unique, let your uniqueness shine through
your blog.
It is often the person who attracts the readers, not
the blog.

There are millions of blogs at the last count.
So it is important to try and be different in order
to stand out from the crowd.

I see so many blogs and it is mainly the writer
I go to those blogs for, not just what they write
about, but how they write it that makes me want to
read them.

We all have are own style, our own way.

Don't get drowned out in the mass of blogs out there..
Stand out!!

Be yourself.. let your light shine!

Steve Irwin

What enthusiasum, what passion.

What a genuinely good bloke.
He will be missed by the world, but he has also taught us an awful lot.

We can also learn alot from him in what we do in life.
All aspects of life are better when you live with passion.

This is why he is so well known, other than the fact he created great
publicuty for what he does. Even the bad publicity he would shrug off
and we knew he meant it.. that gave him bigger publicity and he would
welcome that as it meant more passionate kids watching him.

Make no mistake he has done a massive service to nature, and to kids
knowledge and passion to learn about nature.

This passion is the key to his popularity, and success.

You could apply this to blogging, if you are passionate about
what you blog about, don't you think that passion and enthusiasum
will rub off on the readers?

I bet it will.

Steve Irwin is a shining example of what passion is about and what
it will do in your life. he has left a great legacy and everyone knows what
passion means now.

Blog a subject of your passion and you will gain the passionate readers.

As with anything you do.. It is ONE step
at a time, this will mean you DO get to the


Take building your blog, none of us can
expect to have a perfect cash
generating blog, or a even a zillion
readers from the word go..

It takes a little time and effort so you
have to be clear you will at least put
in the time and effort to get it to where
you want it to be...

Plan your blog, have an idea of where it is
you want to go with it.

"Failing to plan is to plan to fail" to coin the famous quote.

Have a think about your blogs purpose, thats where your focus is
centred around in your planning.
The purpose of the blog is the key, as this should be the goal to
aim for. If your blog serves its purpose it is a success.

Take a little time to imagine what you want the blog to be like
further down the line, and plan the steps to get there.

What are your competitors doing?

A great habit to get into from the start is to know
just what your competitors get up to in your niche.

This is handy for several reasons..

  • see why they succeed and how they do it
  • what is popular and sells, who they affiliate with
  • you get to take advantage of their testing results
  • you get to concentrate on the things that WORK
Testing is the key to getting the desired results and
you can be sure that others will have tested things that
you would need to test..so you are saving alot of time.

It is NOT easy to get to where the top sites are in your
niche so it will pay to know what they do and how.
You also benefit from knowing that if you implement
what you learn you will also know how to get your next
site, or blog off on the right foot with minimum hassle
and good results.

This will help you get batter ranking in the search engines
and THAT is important, but it's not everything, you will
need to get traffic from a range of sources to keep it

You know the saying "don't keep all your eggs in one basket"

All the search engines will always update their ranking
system, so what works now may not work in a year..
or tommorrow, or next week..
so you can be sure those competitors will keep
testing things, that will be of benefit to you as well
you being able to keep up to date with any changes they

The search engines will give you the majority of your
traffic if you plan well, utilise several sources of getting
that traffic from them.

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